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Hybrid Detangler Brush

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The Pro Hybrid Detangler Brush created by Knotectomy™ specialists.

The world's best hair-detangling technology! Featuring a durable heat-resistant design. Excellent for all ages and hair types. Made with Flexalite bristles. 

Technical Specifications
Epoxy massage tips 
Flexalite bristles 
Polycarbonate body 
Rubberized air pad
1 year manufacturers warranty 

Whats is Knotectomy™?
It's a precision knot surgery, in the past, such procedures have been long and difficult to endure, and included the ripping and tearing of large clumps of matter hair, however, when performed by a professional, the Knotectomy™ is entirely painless. After years of dedicated research and experimenting, the Knot Dr. is ready to operate. 

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