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Like refreshing spray and paste had a baby. One part dry shampoo, one part styling balm, refreshing balm adds delicious second-day texture while absorbing oil for that shower-fresh feeling. And without making your hair chalky or clumpy.


Refreshing Balm contains Zeolite in it, a mineral with a sponge-like structure, which means it absorbs oil without leaving any residue. It’s also enriched with our Multi Vitamin Complex, so it won’t dry out your hair.

HOLD 4/10
SHINE 1/10


Rub a small amount of product between the palms of your hands until it turns buttery-smooth and powdery. Use your fingers to rub Refreshing Balm into wherever you need it: in the roots to absorb oil, in the lengths to create piecey texture.


Keune blend is top-shelf mixology for hair that’s going places. Smooth it, crunch it, twist it, pin it up – however you wear it, do it your way. Created for the modern muse, style chameleon and free spirit, there’s a blend out there for everyone.


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