Keune So Pure Energizing Essential Oil

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A rich blend of essential oils, including Ginger and Lemon, enhances the rejuvenating aromatherapy experience.

The zesty notes of Ginger and Lemon provide rejuvenating aromatherapy for an uplifting experience.


Energizing essential oil. Add a few drop (max. 5) to enrich products.


• Energizing Shampoo – daily use
• Energizing Lotion
- 1-2 times per week for preventive use
- as often as shampoo, unless swapped out for a treatment or mask for maintenance
- 3-4 times per week for intensive use
• Energizing Essential Oil – add a few drops to the above products to enhance the aromatherapy
• Moroccan Argan Oil Light - daily use

An independent consumer survey confirms these laboratory findings:
• More than 80% of the participants were satisfied with the results from using So Pure Natural Balance Energizing Lotion
• More than 75% of the participants experienced thicker hair with increased volume


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Keune Loves Animals - Proudly Cruelty Free - Vegan

Keune So Pure a pure range of sulfate, paraben and ammonia free color-, care- and styling.

We believe – what you use on your hair is as important as what you put into your body.