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Transparent Face Mask Shield

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Transparent Face Mask Shield 

A person’s facial expression is one of the most important aspects of communication. The typical fabric masks end up concealing our identities and facial reactions (or at least half of them). We are losing valuable personal connections with others because we can’t understand their intentions or see their facial expressions when they smile, frown or laugh.

This mask’s most defining feature is definitely its transparent design. The uni body is covered in transparent and medical-grade silicon that provides a universal fit, and ensures your face isn’t visually covered by an opaque mask. This is accomplished via the transparent smart mask filters that are located around the chin, which keeps your nose, mouth, and cheeks visible to people around you – making the mask more communication-friendly and allowing others to read your lips or facial expressions while talking to them.

This transparent smart mask also sports an anti-fogging feature, preventing your mask from becoming cloudy on the inside whenever you take a breath. This means it also allows your smartphone facial-unlock feature to work without taking your mask off. It’s the world’s first transparent mask that has high-quality N99+ HEPA\HEPA-Carbon filters fitted into the lower chin section. 

These safety face protection ensure your face protection, while also ensuring comfort and easy visibility. See others, let others see your smile!! 

An ideal gift for anyone!

Size:11.5 cm x 13 cm 

Colors Available:  Red, Grey, Blue, Purple and Black.