Permanent Hair Styling


We offer Argila Amazonia a revolutionary hair-straightening system that provides long-lasting results of 3 to 4 months. Made from all natural ingredients from the Amazon, such as White Argila Clay and Murumuru Oil.

All Argila Amazonia products were formulated free of formaldehyde, parabens, ammonia, dyes or any other chemical that could be considered harmful. In the same vein, all of the Amazonian ingredients are extracted sustainable through partnerships with indigenous people's cooperatives. 

This service has a duration of 2-3 hours and is complete with take home care products to prolong treatment. NOTE: This is not a permanent treatment and over the space of 3-4 months the hair will regain its natural shape. 

Prior consultation required before booking this service.


The traditional permanent perm and straightening service. Now enriched with Pro-Keratin for increased fiber respect. This service reduces volume, eliminates frizz and smooths hair permanently and consists of a pre-treatment and moisturizing post-treatment to protect the hair during and after the process for smooth, shiny, healthy-looking hair for months.

Prior consultation required before booking this service.

Permanent Straightening Before and After