About Us

We believe in achieving hair and beauty more naturally, caring for you, us and the environment. 
Our motive is to provide you beauty and hair services at a single stop in the best possible quality.

The vision of being the best ammonia free, natural hair salon began in 2002 and proudly continues today. Focusing on a holistic and well-being approach to hairdressing, being more conscious and using less harmful chemicals. 

Our passion is to provide you with the confidence, trust and quality that you need in a hairdresser and hair salon. Thoroughly consulting your hair needs, giving you guidance, supporting you with your hair care regime and letting you be as creative as you want to be.


♥ ammonia free
♥ natural, organic
♥ essential oils 
♥ salon quality
♥ qualified and experienced hair stylists 
♥ specialized hair stylists
♥ environmentally conscious from products to waste and upcycling 
♥ co-supporting wellness foundations
♥ animal friendly 
♥ vegan

Our happiness comes when you leave us feeling better than when you walked in and looking as beautiful as you can be more naturally.

We look forward to meeting you soon! ♥