This range is totally unique with the pursuit of the most pure and natural ingredients along with an environmentally conscious concept.

89% natural, no parabens, no sodium lauryl sulfate, or laureth sulfate, no mineral oil or parafin oil, no propylene glycol, no animal testing, organic natural ingredients

Using advanced micro-molecule extraction technology to break down plant essences into micro molecules allows for deeper penetration and absorption. Provence is specifically formulated to be gentle and effective creating dazzling results for all hair types. Luxuriously formulated based on fusing a harmonious blend of technology, purest forms of essential oils and plant extracts.

Dancoly Provence range with it’s “pure natural and environmentally friendly” concept has aroused great interest in the fashion industries of the world. This has meant Provence has quickly spread worldwide and is experiencing international acclaim.

SHOP all Angel below or SHOP by benefit: ROSE for Curly Hair, HELICHRYSUM for Dry/Damaged Hair, ORANGE FLOWER for Coloured Hair, GREEN TEA for Dandruff or Extremely Oily Scalp, VERBENA for Oil Control, ROSEMARY to Prevent Hair Loss, LAVENDER for Fine/Limp Hair, LAVENDER VIOLET TONE CORRECTING for blonde hair, IRIS for restoration, GRAPEFRUIT for Straight or Chemically Damaged Hair; or Angel Organic Hair Care for MEN