Apr 20

Would you like to: 

Reduce time blow-drying or ironing? 
Reduce frizz and volume? 
Gain control of your hair? 

The new generation of STRAIGHT from the Amazon

Argila Amazonia is a breakthrough smoothing system leveraging natural, amazonian ingredients such as clay power and murumuru oil to create long lasting beautiful, silky, smooth and manageable hair, without the use of any harsh damaging chemicals. 

An all natural hair straightening system that produces effective and long lasting results with absolutely zero formaldehyde. 

Pure, rare and rich in nutrients, White Argila Clay is the active ingredient in this breakthrough system. It contains minerals that enhance hair's health, such as magnesium, copper, zinc, aluminum, potassium and iron. 

Oil extracts from the exotic Murumuru seed help nourish and maintain healthy hair. 

- Proven duration of 3 - 4 months 

All Argila Amazonia products are formulated free of formaldehyde, parabens, ammonia, dyes or any other chemical that could be considered harmful. In the same vein, all of our Amazonian ingredients are extracted sustainable through partnerships with indigenous peoples cooperatives. 

Amazonian White Argila Clay

White Argila Clay comes frm the Marajo Island, one of the best-preserved ecological sanctuaries in Brazil. The island has an extreme climate of high temperatures, high humidity and heavy rainfall. Instead of the normal four seasons, Marajo's climate is divided in only two: summer and winter.

This unique climate leads to the formation of White Argila Clay, found exclusively on the island. It's the only place in the world with the right combination of nutrient rich topsoil and heavy rainfall. The island's unique ecosystem is equal parts savannah and dense forest. 

The clay forms through the decomposition of certain types of rocks over a period of thousands of years. It is rich in minerals and metals such as titanium, magnesium, copper, zinc, aluminum, calcium, lithium, iron and trace elements. 

As the rocks erode under the constant heat and rain, they fuse with organic components of the land and turn into the White Argila Clay. The unique environmental characteristics of the island form a one-of-a-kind clay that is extremely beneficial to human health. 

Hair Argilatherapy

Argila Amazonia brings Argilatherapy, known for their rejuvenating skin treatments, to the world of professional hair care. Argilatherapy's principle function is to remove toxins and impurities, allowing for the full reconstruction of hair follicles. The healing power of White Argila Clay combines with the rich fatty acids present in Murumuru Oil to create a powerful defense against the effects of chemical and environmental damage on hair. 

How Does Argilatherapy Work? 

- Works on a cellular level, allowing for deep restoration without damaging the core DNA of the hair.
- Does not contain chemicals or toxic agents that can damage hairs health
- Base is composed of trace elements, proteins and the exotic Murumuru Oil. 

The Purity Of White Argila Clay 

- Cell Regeneration 
- Mineral Replacements 
- Revitalization 

Murumuru Amazon Oil 

The Murumuru Seed grows in the Brazilian state of Para, in the Amazonian region.

Its found along rivers and flooded areas, in dense and semi-dense forests. It grows on a thorny palm easily recognisable due to its large leaves. 

The trunk is black with wide thorns, arranged in a series of rings. 

Murumuru Oils offers numerous advantages to our skin and hair. It is highly effective emollient and moisturizer. It helps hair to recover from loss of moisture abd regain its natural elasticity. Murumuru Oil is a powerful, nourishing anti-frizz oil that is unique to the Argila line of products. 

The Richness Of Exotic Murumuru Oil 

- Replenishes the natural nutrients of the hair 
- Reinforces the structure of damaged hair 
- Restores the natural hydrolipidic layer, providing brightness, softness, hydration and protection

The Product Family 

Our home care products harness the same beneficial White Argila Clay and Murumuru Oil as the Salon System and are specially forumlated to extend the life of your Argila smoothing treatment.


Helps to extend the life of your treatment. The prolonging Shampoo is specially formulated to provide a gentle cleanse, helping to untangle the hair. increase the softness and leave hair more manageable. It contains absolutely no salts of parabens. Click the image below to SHOP.

Argila Prolonging Shampoo


Enriched with White Argila Clay and natural Murumuru Oil, the Smooth Prolonging Mask reconstructs hair from the inside out. It improves hair's health, intensifies softness and reduces frizz. Click the image below to SHOP.

Argila Prolonging Mask


The cutting edge nanotechnology in the Murumuru Sealer naturally strengthens the lipid barrier of the hair, providing lasting brightness, smoothness, hydration and protection. The sealer is responsible for completing the straightening treatment, fully closing the cuticle and balancing the hairs pH. Click the image below to SHOP.

Argila Prolonging Sealer

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