The Grey Hair Transition

Feb 22

A simple guide explaining your options for transitioning to natural grey hair.


Shade 1 = black
Shades 2-9 = all colours between
Shade 10 = blonde

If you have hair darker than your regrowth greys, blend the two shades together, lightening out the dark as the greys continue to grow. 

Blonde or lighter colours do wonders in disguising grey hair. 


Option #1 - Foil Highlights + Tone

Foil highlights are when sections of your hair are lightened whilst keeping some natural colour for a more natural look helping greys grow out less obviously.
WHEN: This technique is best for when you are just starting to notice grey hair growth and you are not a full head of grey yet.
HOW OFTEN: This technique is repetitive until all your hair blends nicely into your grey hair growth.
END RESULT: Your hair is lifted to a shade matching your grey hair growth. Your grown hair is blending into your greys making regrowth less noticeable.

Option #2 - Direct Lightening + Tone

Direct lightening is when your hair from scalp to ends is all lightened. This technique takes out all colour from your hair and leaves a blank canvas to then be toned to any shade of colour. If grey is what you would like to blend, blonde and fashion grey would be the best options here for finished colour.
WHEN: This technique is best for a full head of greys and if you are ready for all your hair to be grey from roots to ends to match regrowth grey.
HOW OFTEN: This technique may need to be done 2-3 times depending on condition of hair at your first treatment and how easily your original hair colour lifts. Each treatment will be toned to a colour matching your regrowth. 


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