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The Hair

Hair strands consists of three parts: Cuticle – Cortex – Medulla.

The Cuticle:

- Protecting outer layer of the hair structure.
- 4 to 8 layers over the cortex.
- At the scalp the cuticle is undamaged.
- In length and ends external influences such as chemical products, mechanical styling and UV-rays cause damage.
- Proper conditioning of the cuticle gives protection and light reflection.

The Cortex:

- Elongated arranged fibres of keratin.
- Gives the hair its strength and resilience.
- Gives the hair its character.
- Contains the color pigment melanin which gives the hair its color.
- When influenced by chemicals, the cortex can be damaged.

The Medulla:

- The inner section of the hair
- Not always present – thin hair often does not have a medulla
- Influences color and luster of blonde hair

The longer the hair, the more the cuticle is damaged.

Result of exposure to external influences:

- Rough surface
- Decreased comb ability
- More static
- Prone to split ends
- Loss of natural shine

Heat Protection

Processes like blow drying or exposure to hot irons are harmful for the hair. They reduce the moisture content below its normal level, hair keratin is softened and its amino acids and the color are affected. The result is loss of hair strength, roughening of the cuticles and color fading. In some cases, cuticle cracking can be observed If the irons are too hot, they cause the water in the hair to boil: tiny bubbles of steam will be formed in the hair shaft.

By using Design styling products, the heat damage can be reduced. Products with heat protection protect the surface and strengthen the inside of the hair. Design Styling products with Heat Protection contain ingredients that reinforce the natural external layer of the hair and strengthen the inside.

UV-A and UV-B protectors

Radiation from the sun → First Barrier (UVA & UVB filter) → Second Barrier (Free radical scavenger)

Salon quality hair styling products contain double layer protection to reinforce each other’s protection against external influences. UV-rays and free radicals have no chance to damage the hair.
- A combination of UV-A and UV-B protectors prevents UV-damage.
- Grape Seed extract and Vitamin E are free radical scavengers, protecting the inner structure of the hair.

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