Nov 23

Can you colour over henna hair colour?

The 'henna hair colour' to 'synthetic hair colour' science:

Henna essentially forms an impenetrable layer on the outside of the hair which is incompatible with synthetic hair colours (all the colours we use here at A Head Of Nature and most other salons come under this category).

We never recommend colouring hair that has henna present as results are unpredictable and if there is a metallic compound present the reactions can be severe.

If you have recently had a henna colour done it can increase the chance of an allergic reaction as Henna contains PPD. If it comes into contact with another Diamine (eg PTD) they can react with each other. This is the same as if you have recently had a tattoo done.

What your options are colouring over henna:

If you are wanting to proceed with a colour over your henna, a strand test of the hair itself AND a patch test on the skin is recommended 48 hours prior to your hair colour with us.

If the strand test shows that our colour will hold and if the patch test shows no allergic reaction we can proceed with our professional colour however longevity and colour results may vary.

Another option is if the strand test fails but the patch test shows no allergic reaction we can colour match to your henna colour for your root regrowth to blend your regrowth with your henna colour ends.

What now?

1. Book a FREE consultation, strand test and patch test
2. Wait at least 24 hours for the patch test results.
3. From the consultation and testing you will know if you think it is safe enough to colour and your options moving forward.
4. Decide whether you would like a full head of colour; foils that apply colour away from the scalp or a root regrowth colour to colour match to your henna ends.

(Disclaimer: Henna strand tests, patch tests and future hair colouring are at your own risk. As stated above reactions can be severe. If you feel a tingling sensation where patch test is applied instantly wash affected area with water and if symptoms persist consult your doctor.)

Thank you for learning more about henna and synthetic professional colour.

If you would like a henna to colour consultation and tests phone us on 09 832 4343

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