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Jun 25

We as a hair salon are proud to use and recommend Keune Hair Cosmetics a salon exclusive, leading range. By choosing us as your hairstylist and having a hair colour with us you automatically start giving back through us and Keune So Pure Natural Balance Colours.


Caring for others

Hans and Theresa van der Velden, owners of Keune ANZIS, wanted to find a lasting way to give back to our society, thus in 2005, The Keune Foundation was established to do just this. The Keune Foundation provides emotional support and financial assistance to Australian families when one of their children is diagnosed with a life threatening illness. Keune Australia bares all costs of administration to ensure that funds raised are used for the relief of suffering. Keune provides support to the families without question, cost or prejudice. 

Every salon that purchases Keune Tinta Colour and So Pure Natural Balance Colour in Australia and New Zealand helps support the charity, with Keune donating 10c from every tube directly to The Keune Foundation. 

The Keune Foundation has assisted over 550 Australian families by donating almost one million dollars collectively. 



Passionate about protecting and restoring the health, diversity and productivity of our unique Australian landscape, Keune ANZ is a Carbon Neutral company with multiple solar panel installations to keep electricity costs down and build green credentials. In addition, the company has implemented recycling programs, set up green efficient lighting systems, transitioned to online and digital materials, all to protect the environment. 

Climate change is a serious issue caused by an increase of naturally occurring and manufactured greenhouse gases in our earth's atmosphere. Australians are feeling the effects of global warming in everyday life. For this reason, Keune is taking positive action to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases we produce. 



As with every good story, it all began in 1922 with one young man's passion and his own pharmacy located in downtown Amsterdam. Jan Keune embarked on a quest to create long-lasting curls. He experimented with solutions in his small laboratory and cosmetic factory that he created above his shop. After many dedicated hours, Jan Keune developed a hot perm and launched the very first permanent wave in the Netherlands. As the perm's popularity grew, Jan started selling his invention under than name J.M. Keune and thanks to Jan Keune's creativity, Keune became one of the first manufacturers of perm liquid in the world. Following this, Keune was one of the first to create a 'fixative', the predecessor of what we know commonly today as 'gel'. 

In 1957, George Keune Snr, son of Jan Keune, introduced the Keune brand to the export market. This cemented the company's continued success and significant growth. In the early 1970's, the third generation of the Keune family began working in the company, George Keune Jnr. and in most recent years, Eelco Keune has joined the company as the Global Marketing Director, ensuring to maintain the family values. 

With the launch of Keune's first permanent hair colour in 1990, the Keune company skyrocketed to being one of the major global players within the professional salon market. 



We thank each and everyone of our customers for their support, become a customer of ours today. 

View the Keune home care range 'here'.

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