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Angel Lavender Violet Overtone Mask 300g

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Designed for blonde hair, to remove unwanted yellow and brassy tones while depositing cool violet/blue tones. The end result tone will depend on the warmth that is currently in the hair prior to application. Enriched with Lavender flower extract, Grapefruit extract and Rosemary leaf oil, which leaves the hair with a natural and healthy shine. 

DIRECTIONS: Apply evenly onto damp hair. Rinse immediately or leave in up to 5 minutes. Rinse out. Can be diluted with other conditioners or mask to prevent overtone occurring. 

LAVENDER: Thanks to its numerous effects, lavender is considered as "the queen of herbs". Coming from Provence, it has the inherent romance as its origin does, with love, passion and strength. 

PURPLE SHAMPOO: This dreamy overtone mask is part of the purple shampoo, purple conditioner and purple overtone mask range.


ANGEL ORGANIC lavender-violet-tone-correcting-shampooANGEL ORGANIC lavender-violet-tone-correcting-conditioner