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Angel Rosemary Hair Activating Conditioner 400ml

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The Angel Organic rosemary preventative hair loss range is specifically designed fir fragile or thinning hair concerns where growth rate has reduced or the hair has fallen. 

Formulated with Rosemary Leaf Oil, Ginger Root Extract and Sage Oil to stimulate hair growth and improve microcirculation of the scalp enhancing the penetrating ability of sufficient nutrients to improve follicle activity. Rosemary Hair Activating lowers DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) to improve hair growth, improve the hairs ability to resist friction, tones the scalp limiting sebum production and reduces inflammation. 

Suitable for all textures and lengths with hair thinning or hair fall concerns. 

DIRECTIONS: After shampooing remove excess moisture from the hair, apply to hair, rinse. For deeper conditioning leave in for 3-5 minutes then rinse out.


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