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Argila Amazonia Murumuru Sealer Protecting Spray

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Heat Activated Leave In

Argila Amazonia's breakthrough smoothing system leverages natural, Amazonian ingredients such as white Argila clay powderand Murumuru Oil to create long lasting, beautiful, silky-smooth, and manageable hair, without the use of any harsh or damaging chemicals. 

The Argila sealer harnesses the power of Amazon Murumuru Oil to naturally strengthen the lipid barrier of the hair, which helps keep Argila Amazonia treated hair smooth and supple. It also provides hydration, while protecting hair from environmental damage.


Apply before blow drying, as you straighten the hair with a round brush. Use a flat iron at a temperature appropriate for hair type to achieve all over straightening. DAILY MAINTENANCE: Use the Murumuru sealer as a leave-in. This product is activated through heat, so it must be used in conjunction with a blow dryer or flat iron. 

Authentic natural ingredients sourced from the Amazon.
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Authentic Natural Ingredients - Safe, Non Damaging, Nature-Based Formula
Certified Formaldehyde Free